Able young scientists inspired at Treviglas

Monday 27th March 2017

An inspirational STEM masterclass was held at Treviglas for more able primary students this week. The year 5 and 6 students developed their microscopy skills through exploring many different activities during the course of the morning.

After examining the wonders of newspaper under a microscope, the students moved on to looking at their own hair and onion cells. They also had the amazing opportunity to observe daphnia (a small planktonic crustacean) under the microscope, learning about its features and organs. Many students chose to demonstrate their knowledge and observational skills through drawing and labelling a daphnia.

Chris, a student at Perranporth School, said, “I really enjoyed seeing all the cells that you can’t see with the naked eye.”

“It was really good fun!” reported Aimee, from Trevisker School, summing up the feelings of most participants. Ben, from Newquay Junior Academy, particularly enjoyed observing the daphnia.

Students also had the opportunity to meet Dave, one of the college’s resident tarantulas.

Mr. John Packham, Science teacher at Treviglas who led the STEM session as well, as recent activities in college for British Science Week, concluded, “It was fantastic to see the students’ enthusiasm for STEM subjects, and to witness their excellent observational skills whilst developing their understanding of microscopy.”

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