FISTRAL HOUSE is led by Mr Hulks. Green is Fistral’s House colour and students wear a green and black tie which identifies them as a member of the Fistral family. All of our tutor groups meet in the Maths, English and Science area of the college, the F and S rooms. Mr Hulks’ office is next to the canteen, and the house notice board can be found in the main corridor from the hall. There are 7 Form tutors in Fistral House and these Tutors should be the first point of contact for parents who wish to enquire about their son/daughter.

Fistral’s House charity is Aid4orphans. This is a Newquay based charity set up by Peter and Vanessa Bragg to supply financial assistance and educational sponsorship for the children of The Likoni Aids Orphanage in Kenya. The Orphanage is run by Reverend Ernest Ombeva and his wife Mary in conjunction with Timbwani Baptist Church, located south of Mombasa in the sprawling Likoni slum area and currently provides a home for 47 children who have lost both parents to Aids.

Fistral students have sent letters to the children of the orphanage introducing themselves and received the replies. We have had a successful link with the orphanage and the associated school for 7 years and have raised over £10,000. These funds have been used to build the Treviglas rooms at the school and provide electricity, fresh water, and towards the construction of a new dormitory.

Annually Fistral students are selected as House Captains and Year Captains. This year, Freya and Josh are our House Captains, with Lily, Ruby, Ami, James, Pacey and Tyler joining our year 11 leadership team as Prefects. The student leaders of Fistral House have an active role in college life, participating in Student College Council meetings and organizing house events, such as our annual charity day. This year, we will be raising funds for Aid4orphans on Friday 25th November with a non-uniform day and activities and stalls during extended break.

I am very proud to be able to work with Fistral students, who not only work hard and aim high in lessons, but also love to take opportunities on offer to be involved in college life through sport, music, drama, Duke of Edinburgh award, and many leadership roles. Keep making me proud!

Mr A Hulks
Head of Fistral House


Treviglas Rooms