Adverse Weather procedures

Monday 20th November 2017

DUN/DRB                                                                                                              14th November 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

I wanted to make sure that all parents are aware of the procedures in place should bad weather affect our college.

If bad weather is causing disruption in the county before the start of the college day we recommend you:

  • Listen to local radio stations which broadcast information regarding possible school closures
  • Check the college website which will feature regular updates as to the situation

A decision to close the college partially or completely is never taken lightly, and is only done so if we believe that the site is not safe for our children. This could be because we do not have the correct number of staff to supervise children, the college site itself is not safe enough or transport is not available for students (the majority of our students travel by bus to college).

In the event of bad weather closing-in during the college day, then we will be in a position to use the telephone and internet systems to make contact with you, however we would use the website and local radio stations as well. In these circumstances, could you please note the following:

  • As soon as a decision has been taken about the college closing early, parents will be informed by text and by email
  • Students who catch the college buses will be escorted to the buses once the messages have been sent
  • In the event of delay or cancellation of transport, students will remain supervised in college until contact has been made with you to arrange collection of your child
  • If your son/daughter usually walks home, please email Miss Rouse if you would like to give permission for your son/daughter to walk home should the need arise. If we do not receive an email then we will assume that you do not wish your child to walk home in the event of bad weather, and that we will supervise your son/daughter until we have made contact with you, or you have arrived at the college to pick your child up. We prefer students not to walk home during very poor weather if this is not their usual method of coming to and leaving school. We do not consider it to be safe for our students to walk long distances in snowy and icy conditions

I know that you will understand that the decision to close the college will only ever be taken after due consideration of a number of factors and that by anticipating and planning for these unusual circumstances we can all work together to keep our students, your children, as safe as possible.

I would be grateful if you could discuss this with your son/daughter so that they are aware of your decision and the procedures in place in these circumstances.

Yours sincerely

Michelle Dunleavy







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