British Science Week begins with a bang!

Wednesday 15th March 2017

British Science Week began with a bang at Treviglas this week, with workshops being held for key stage two students from St Columb Minor Academy and their parents and carers.  Over 120 students and family members are attending the interactive sessions throughout the week.

The focus of the morning was identifying chemical changes, and students participated in a range of exciting practical experiments. These included flame testing, making sparklers, magnesium and acid testing to look for temperature changes, and the thermal decomposition of copper carbonate.  Students also had the opportunity to take part in the squeaky pop test, to test for hydrogen gas.

James, a student in Year 6, said: “I loved the fizzy pops.” Anna, also a student in Year 6, commented: “I enjoyed learning about all the different chemical reactions.” Treviglas student leaders assisted with the workshops. Lauren, a student leader in Year 10, enthused: “I taught the primary students what an exothermic reaction is, and they all understood it!”

Parental comments included: “I enjoyed being able to do learning together with my child.” “The student helpers were amazing.” “It was brilliant! Fun, interactive and inspiring!”


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