Controlled Assessments


Single science will have one CA, Double will have two(one in year11) and Triple 3. They are similar to English CA’s in the sense that they mimic exams. They contribute to 25% of the total grade.


CA’s in Art has replaced formal examinations. There is only one CA (in year 11) and Art can choose when this occurs (this year it was in March and lasted 2 days). The details are released to teachers’ in January and then preparation can begin. This has advantages over the previous system when the examination specified a maximum amount of prep time (10 hrs).

History/ Geography

CA’s in Humanities are more akin to the traditional coursework component of GCSE’s. They equate to 25% of the final grade and are set under medium and high level conditions, depending on the component studied. All are completed between October to January in year 11.

Food & Nutrition

NEA’s (Non Examination Assessment) in Food & Nutrition occur in Y11 only. The first NEA is worth 15% of the final GCSE Grade, based on a Food Science experiment, in a report format of 1500-2000 words. There will be 8 hours for this controlled assessment and it will be done from September to November. The second NEA is worth 35% of the final GCSE Grade and will include researching, preparing, cooking and presenting a range of dishes. This will be a mixture of practical and written work over 12 hours (3 of these hours are allocated to the practical assessment). This will start from November/ December in year 11.

GCSE Product Design 

CA starts in year 10 for product design and is worth 60% of the course and finished mid year 11. The students work through the whole design process. Most parts of this are done in class sessions under controlled assessment conditions but some pieces of work are allowed to take place at home, for example where a student is carrying out independent research on a visit, or seeking opinions from possible clients or target markets for their users.  Students must choose a design brief set by the exam board, they will be given support with this but they must choose carefully as they will be working on the brief for a sustained period of time. The controlled assessment is a portfolio of A3 sheets which should not exceed 20 pages.  Students are asked to buy a suitable folder to display their work in.

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