Exam Dates and Information

Individual candidate 2018 examination timetables

Students will receive in the post a copy of their summer 2018 examination timetable. It clearly outlines when the examinations will take place, the location of their exam and the seat number. Students should expect to receive these within the next couple of days. If your son/daughter misplaces this timetable they are able to get a replacements from Reception.

Mrs Simmonds

January 2018 Examinations

January examinations will be taking place from Tuesday 9th January. This will only impact specific students within specific subject areas.  Letters will be sent home to parents regarding dates and times of examinations before the end of term.

Please see timetable information below:





Tuesday 9th January ICT – Year 11 9am 1hour
Health and Social Care – Year 11
Thursday 11th January ICT – Post 16 1.30pm 1hour
Tuesday 23rd January Applied Science – Post 16 9am 1h30
Friday 26th January Applied Science – Post 16 1.30pm 1h30
Tuesday 20th February Business – Year 11 8.35 1hour

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January Formal Assessments – 15th January  – 26th January 2018

Students in Year 7,8,9,10 &11 will be taking part in formal assessments, in all subjects, within their normal timetabled lessons.  The majority of formal assessments will be commencing the week beginning 15th January and will run for two weeks. Please see timetables below:

Year 7 Formal Assessment 15th Jan 2018
Year 8 Formal Assessment 15th Jan 2018
Year 9 Formal Assessment 15th Jan 2018
Year 10 Formal Assessment 15th Jan 2018
Year 11 Formal Assessments 15th Jan 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about general revision strategies to help you support your son or daughter with their preparation for these assessments should you so wish. However, while we would want students to understand the importance of this occasion and the level of behaviour and focus required, we do not want them to panic. Please do contact your child’s Head of House if they are worried about formal assessments.

General revision strategies

  • Review a topic using a spider diagram
  • Put key words onto Post-It Notes, stick them around the house to learn them
  • Make up tests to try later
  • Put notes onto revision cards
  • Make your own flash cards – questions one side/answers on the back
  • Use Mnemonics for difficult spellings/sequences (e.g. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – colours of rainbow)
  • Use pictures to represent key ideas
  • Create a dictionary for each subject
  • Fill the bedroom walls with posters for key ideas
  • Make up cartoons
  • Label pictures

The analysis of these formal assessments will allow subject teachers to target intervention where it is most needed over the course of the rest of the year. This intervention might result in group changes, intervention strategies or individual, aspirational targets. Any of these will be clearly communicated to parents by either subject leaders or Heads of House once assessment and moderation have taken place.

June 2018 Provisional Timetable

The awarding bodies have released the dates for the June 2018 series. Please find attached. It is important to note that the information provided is still provisional and could be subject to change.

Provisional Timetable – June 2018

Summer 2017/2018 Qualification data

The documents below outline the qualifications that your son/daughter will be studying in Year 11 (KS4) and Year 12/13 (KS5) for the examination season 2017/2018. It provides useful information on the examination board, coursework elements and examinations.

2017-2018 KS5 Full Qualifications List
2017-2018 KS4 Full Qualifications

Mrs Simmonds
Examination Officer

Useful Documents

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