Celebrating Improving Attendance

Thursday 19th April 2018

As we are starting the new summer term, there are several reasons to celebrate. 344 students achieved 100% attendance last half term! As well as receiving certificates and an Easter treat, these students will be entered into the prize draw sponsored by Pave Velo Cycles in St Austell, for a brand new mountain bike and cycle helmet. The Head of House team have been able to congratulate numerous students who have improved their attendance and are now above 90% which takes them out of what is known as ‘persistent absence’. We continue to be aware of individual students, who face daily challenges with health and are striving for their personal best this academic year. This again, is cause to celebrate their positive approach to improved attendance. Thank you to all of you who are keeping in contact with the school, checking Show my Homework and supporting the students to achieve when they are unavoidably absent.

Absence Matters

If the school needs to contact you in writing due to concerns about attendance levels, we will now be sending an absence report graph for students with the letters. This will show the individual student absence compared to average absence levels across the school.

Please find a link below to a graphic that shows how being present improves progress according to statistics from The Department for Education.

Year 11 Examinations

Year 11 have impressed us with improved attendance in order to prepare for exams. As this term is so crucial and exams start very soon, may we remind all parents and guardians that the external examinations are on a set date at a set time. This means that if a student is absent, there are no re-sit opportunities in the same exam series (they would have to sit the examination during the following academic year). Where students feel unwell, but are in attendance for examinations, we are permitted to provide, where needed, additional support such as a separate room and invigilator.

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