In The Community

As a College working at the heart of the community, we aim to create a working relationship with the community we serve by:

  • Helping to provide the cultural, recreational, educational and social needs of all the community, not just the young
  • Making the buildings, resources and expertise widely available to the community
  • Recognising that our teaching and learning programmes can be greatly enhanced by using and involving the community
  • Working in partnership with other community agencies to encourage community service and co-operation

College premises are used to support the local arts, sports and leisure activities. The demand for facilities for community use is ever increasing particularly through our out of hours programme, eXtra@treviglas,  and as a result of the launch of the new Sports Academy working in partnership with the Arsenal Soccer Academy.

In addition a wide range of evening classes is organised via Adult Education and full use is made of our premises by various clubs and societies. The College is client-led to the extent that we endeavour to respond to the identified needs of the community: some groups are interested merely in the use of the facilities, but our aim is to eventually regard them as partners in the provision of education through social, sporting and cultural activities.

Should you need accommodation to extend the activities of your club (or maybe start a club?), why not telephone the College and ask to speak to Mark Aston, eXtra@treviglas Coordinator.