What will they learn?

Within Key Stage 4 and 5 dance, students will learn to develop their technical and performance skills. These skills are crucial for all practical elements of exams and are the fundamentals for all performances. Along with this, students are also given the opportunity to improve their choreography skills for solo and group performances. Naturally, the courses encourage students to collaborate, work in groups and develop skills of evaluation.

How will they learn it?

Most dance lessons are practical sessions. All sessions include a warm up, which helps to maintain and develop technique. Practical sessions will have an emphasis on choreography, where the students are required to create movement based on a variety of themes. Students are encouraged to perform to their class and to offer feedback to each other. Lessons usually take place in the hall, where students can access the stage, a speaker system, a large space for ensemble work and movable mirrors. Practical sessions are supported by theoretical practise, where the students develop an appreciation for professional works.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in our productions and dance showcases. It is also valuable that they attend theatre trips that we organise as a big part of the course requires the students to evaluate professional work. Increasingly, we are hosting professional theatre companies at Treviglas, so our students can see live shows on their doorstep!

Where will it take them?

As well as pathways through key stages 4 and 5, students from Treviglas have chosen to pursue degree level courses in dance and the performing arts at universities and conservatoires around the country.

Even those students who do not pursue careers or courses in dance or performing arts will benefit from doing dance, as the skills of presentation, research and evaluation developed in dance are key skills for employment and progression.


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