Inspirational scuba session with Dive Newquay and Treviglas

Thursday 19th October 2017

Dive Newquay hosted a brilliant scuba diving Inspiration Saturday for Treviglas last weekend, attended by over 80 students in Years 5 and 6 at primary schools in the Newquay area. For almost all of the children it was their first experience of scuba diving, and a thrilling introduction to the subaquatic world.

After an initial introduction to the pool (which is ‘stepped’ to provide different water depths) and exploration of the equipment, the students donned their masks and snorkels for an initial swim on the surface of the water. They then practised diving and holding their breath whilst under water. Once the pupils had put on the diving jackets with oxygen tanks, they were ready to experience the scuba and learn about free diving.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed the session, and many surprised themselves by what they were able to achieve. On leaving the pool, Georgina said, “That was so fun!”, a sentiment echoed throughout the day. The parent of a child in Year 6 at Trevisker enthused,  “Scuba diving was awesome.”

The scuba diving Inspiration Saturday was the fourth Inspiration Saturday hosted by Treviglas this term, and parents have recognised the benefit of the sessions. One parent of a child in Year 6 at St Columb Minor Academy commented, “These sessions are a great insight into the school and a great way to meet new friends.”

Another parent commented: “A fab group of sessions which have encouraged my son to participate as well as build his confidence.”

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