Inspirational writers’ skills extended at Treviglas

Thursday 16th March 2017

Inspirational writing was the order of the day, as students from ten primary schools attended a writing masterclass held at Treviglas this week.

The students experimented with paragraphing, through analysing a variety of extracts and exploring them through drama. Students progressed on to developing their own writing, including considering the effect of manipulating the reader with their paragraphing skills. The workshop was led by Mrs. Paula Parkyn, English teacher and transition co-ordinator for English at Treviglas. Year 8 student leaders, who are themselves more able in English, assisted the primary students with their learning, including giving them specific feedback on how to improve their writing.

Although the masterclass was very quiet at times, due to the students’ impressive focus and concentration whilst writing, there were also dynamic moments such as during the drama activity. Sewena, a student at Newquay Junior Academy, summed up the morning when she said, “It was really fun.”

Luke, a student from Perranporth School, said, “It really helped me understand how to set out my paragraphs.”

Primary students had the opportunity to work with students from other schools and make new friends, as they were split up into new groups for the session.  Mrs. Emma Gilbert, transition co-ordinator at Treviglas, commented, “Year 6 students have now been allocated their secondary school places for September, and we are delighted to be getting to know many of our new students already. Events such as the masterclass programme really help the students to feel confident about transition to secondary school.”

The workshop, for more able students in Years 5 and 6, was just one of the many events held throughout the year offering opportunities in all subject areas.

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