Humanities Recommended Fiction Reads 2016-17

History, Religious Studies, Geography & Psychology

What will they learn?

In Humanities we want to challenge our students to develop an informed opinion about the issues that affect us locally, nationally and internationally in the 21st Century.

The following subjects are all studied in KS3 and are GCSE and A-level options:

History:  Students will learn how the world we are part of has been affected by its past.  Topics including medieval life, the Black Death, The Cornish industrial revolution, the transatlantic slave trade and WW1.

Geography: Students develop and learn how to apply geographical skills to different areas of learning including wild weather, sustainability, coasts and tourism. 

Religious Studies including Philosophy and Ethics: Students will investigate the role that religion and faith plays in the lives of individuals and groups.  Students will be encouraged to challenge other people’s ideas and evaluate their own thoughts and values.  Topics include festivals, pilgrimage and multiculturalism.

The following subject is offered as an A-level option:

Psychology: This fascinating subject is the study of the science of the mind and human behaviour.  Topics include memory, attachment, relationships and psychopathology

How will they learn?

Confident, engaged, independent learners are successful learners.  In Humanities we encourage all students to take ownership of their own learning by developing and fostering natural curiosity and a desire to learn.  Through a wide variety of learning opportunities humanities students are encouraged to ask searching questions, gather sources, analyse information, and draw conclusions about their area of study.  Field visits, enrichment opportunities and guest speakers support our students to develop a deeper understanding about their learning

Where will it take them?

Humanities and social science are an excellent foundation for higher education.  In the past our students have gone on to follow careers in a wide range of areas including medicine, teaching, social work and public services.