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GOV Curriculum Framework


What will they learn?

In an ever changing world, we need to be able to communicate, articulate and express our ideas.  We want our students to be able to interrogate language, understanding how writers from Chaucer to modern day Facebook adverts use language in order to present their views.  However, at the heart of English is creativity and, as well as appreciating the creativity of others, we want to unlock students’ creative potentials, from sports journalism to poetry!

How will they learn it?

We want students to be engaged in their learning and therefore we use a range of approaches to bring texts and English to life: Shakespeare is not taught from behind a desk but up on students’ feet, actively exploring characters; journalists and authors are also invited in to lead masterclasses. Whatever a student’s age or ability, learning is personalised to them to ensure that everyone will succeed.

Where will it take them?

Higher education and employers look for good English skills but, more than that, we want our students to leave Treviglas with an appreciation for and love of English language and literature that they will take with them throughout their lives.