Foreign Languages

GOV Curriculum Framework

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What will they learn?

As a Faculty we believe that knowledge of language and an understanding of other cultures is an essential part of all students’ development. We aim to enthuse and motivate students and enable them to realise the life-long benefits and opportunities that knowledge of a foreign language can bring no matter which career path they decide to follow.

How will they learn it?

Languages at Treviglas are creatively taught with a blend of contemporary resources using IT and a range of useful independent study websites are available on every students RM Launch Pad when they log onto the network. We are at the forefront of developing cross curricular links, so that languages are viewed by students as an integral part of their education. We are a team of enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers, complemented by our excellent French and Spanish assistant. Within the Faculty we enjoy a positive, cheerful and productive working environment. We realise the importance of high expectations, careful organisation, flexibility and the sharing of ideas and resources, both between members of staff and students alike. Our firm belief is that all students should have an outstanding experience of languages and that they can succeed, regardless of ability.

Where will it take them?

It is far easier to teach an employee the skills they need for a job than it is to teach them a foreign language, hence employers are looking for people with accreditation in a foreign language. 94% of the world’s population do not speak English as their first language and 75% have no English at all. The benefits of knowing another language are fantastic. On average, a person with a qualification in another language will earn 20% more during their career than someone without! In an increasingly competitive world ii is essential that you stand out from the crowd. Opting for a GCSE in a language will give you that edge!