IT and Computing

GOV Curriculum Framework

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What will they learn?

Students will learn about a wide range of computing topics. We have moved beyond learning how to use software and we looking at what happens ‘inside the box’.

Students will learn about the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science including logic and algorithms: they will learn how to analyse problems in computational terms including writing computer programs to solve problems; they will learn how to evaluate and apply information technology analytically to solve problems; they will become competent, responsible and creative users of ICT.

How will they learn it?

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to write computer programs as well as experiencing a wide range of hardware and software through hands-on activities. We want our students to experience a broad range of experiences in our lessons. Topics will include e-safety and digital identity.

Where will it take them?

There are opportunities to study computing or IT at A level in the Technicians’ Academy or a standalone A-Level. Those students who choose not to continue studying computing will have gained a set of skills that will be useful to them in most areas of employment.