What will they learn?

Students who choose media studies will develop their skills of analysis through looking at texts from all three media platforms (print, broadcast and e-media) and exploring the four key concepts of audience, institution, representation and genre/ form. They will be challenged to question how the media manipulates and inspires us. Students will also develop their creativity through a variety of creative tasks in response to briefs, in which they will use ICT to develop their own media texts. It is an exciting and dynamic course that encourages students to take a fresh look at the technology and media rich world around them.

How will they learn?

Students will continually explore media texts, and applying their analytical skills as an individual or as part of a group. They will discuss and share ideas verbally and in written responses. Often working independently, they will develop their own products, and in doing so, will develop their skills and applications of ICT and media hardware.

Where will it take them?

The skills developed in media are genuine transferable skills, such as research, creativity and communication, including ICT and written skills. For those with careers in the media in mind, the courses we offer provide an insight into the media world, and careers within it. Students at GCSE can progress to A-level at Treviglas. Students have left Treviglas to continue with media related courses at university level, and into careers based within the media.