GOV Curriculum Framework

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What will they learn?

Students are helped to develop their musical understanding through the skills of listening, composing and performing. They work both individually and in groups. They widen their experience of music and become more independently minded musicians through using a range of musical instruments and music technology. Students gain experience in performance and smaller group compositions in Key stage three, preparing them for the demands of GCSE and beyond

How will they learn it?

Our vision is to create music, enable our students to love music and to inspire them as musicians. Creating music is at the core of who we are and what we do.  Students typically work in a practical way using the voice, a wide variety of instruments and Mac based software on our dedicated suite of computers. Skills of evaluation, both peer and self, are developed through regular feedback.

Many of our students are supported in developing their skills further, through small group  music lessons, for which funding subsidies exist for some students. An extensive extra curricular provision supports students in completing their practical coursework and enables them to access a wide musical experience.

Where will it take them?

As well as pathways through key stages 4 and 5, students from Treviglas have chosen to pursue degree level courses in music and music technology at universities around the country.

Even those students who do not pursue carers or courses in music and music technology will benefit from doing music, as the skills of performance and evaluation developed are key skills for employment and progression.