Social Awareness and skills



Living and learning in a community

Everyone is safe

The SMILE ☺ initiative involves all staff and students at Treviglas, for the benefit of our community, the local and wider communities. The principle aim is to focus on a collective approach to how we relate to each other; to actively focus on the language we use (verbal and body); the expectations we have and through this to tackle anti-social behaviour including bullying and discriminatory language and actions and through this to raise standards of behaviour and understanding of others. We recognise that Treviglas sits within a community and that any programme will need to be inclusive of that community, clear and consistent for all. The initiative is planned and implemented by the Heads of House Team, Learning Hub Directors, Leaders of Learning and the Senior Leadership team working with key staff and outside agencies to lead in some areas and to support in others

Key emphases this year (2016-2017) include:

  • annual training for all new staff on de-escalation, mediation and policies in line with the education legislation and subsequent revisions
  • peer mentors who will undergo training in specific issues. For example year 8 volunteers focus specifically on transition and so be able to support younger students on transition; year 12/13 students mentor younger students in tutor groups
  • involving the student body in the annual review of the anti-bullying and related policies; student voice questionnaires; survey of site for safety and so on
  • further development of healthy mind and body by developing an Integrated Health Hub and by responding to results of School Health Education Surveys
  • parent/community information and focus group sessions regarding e safety (cyber –bullying) and anti-social behaviour on and off-line
  • Learning Hubs/subject areas to continue to identify within schemes of learning opportunities to develop skills and opportunities to link to SMILE . This includes content-related learning (e.g. oppression/ equality/ literature), opportunities for reflection (WRITE), to explore related learning issues, including the use of outside providers to develop social awareness
  • tutorial session time offers time and space for personal and group reflection, individual attention and at other times as identified throughout the year, including planned assemblies and SMILE J activities facilitated by the form tutor or older student mentors
  • student College Council, Head of House student team meetings, tutor group discussions

TCC SMILE Scheme of Learning 2016-17 Term One