GOV Curriculum Framework

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Do you ever wonder how our bodies work? What is out there in Space? How do we make new chemicals and materials? Why does electricity makes things work? What is everything made from? You can find out the answers to these questions and many other mysteries of the Universe in the Science courses at Treviglas!

Students learn why Science is so important and how it affects almost every aspect of our life; from the food we eat, to why we look the way we do, from the environment around us, to the forces we cannot see but feel everyday.

The Science courses at Treviglas focus on the four fundamental areas of Science: Life (Biology), Materials (Chemistry), Energy (Physics) and How Science Works (Applying Science). Students have lots of opportunity to use our scientific equipment to do exciting practical work safely and whilst doing experimental work they find out more about our scientific world. Whilst learning Science students will gain lots of useful skills that they can use in other subjects and outside the classroom.

In Science we encourage our students to be inquisitive thinkers and problem-solvers but most of all, to enjoy learning Science!