I Am Learning

What is I am learning?

I am learning is a games based revision system designed to motivate students to want to learn.

Harnessing the engaging and motivating elements of games, I am learning makes students want to learn; supporting revision, study, knowledge consolidation, assessment and exam practice.

How I am learning works

I am learning helps raise grades by engaging students making them want to learn and improve. The process is simple: Answer questions, play the games, see the results! Ok…there’s more too it than that, such as driving competition using leaderboards, building avatars within a personal space, gap analysis and many other features which give students, parents, teachers and senior leaders all the tools they need to ensure every student can be the best they can be. I am learning is a very powerful revision tool and all year 11’s need to be harnessing it.

Parents can also access I am learning and track progress ( Each parent/carers of year 11 has been sent access details). I am Learning is a great one-stop shop for revision, resource creation and skill development. Dive in!

For further information please contact Mr Wilson.

Click here to visit the I Am Learning website