Attendance at Treviglas

Treviglas Community College believes that attendance is a significant factor in enabling students to achieve their full potential. If students do not attend college regularly, they may not be able to keep up with college work.

The government target for attendance is 97% and it is important that students achieve this target. Therefore as parents, ensure your child understands that you do not approve of them missing college and consider carefully the impact that a holiday in term time could have upon their education.

We request that parents/guardians:

  • work with us to ensure their child’s attendance is the best it can possibly be and attend meetings if and when needed
  • ensure that their child arrives at College on time and properly equipped
  • phone the College office before 9.30am every day of absence, giving the reason for the absence and an indication of when the student will be returning to College. If unable to phone in College hours, an answer service will be available outside College hours
  • contact the Tutor or Head of House if the reason for absence is caused by something other than illness: e.g. worry about school work, friendship problems etc
  • understand that Treviglas College has to decide whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised. (Please note that the College cannot now authorise holidays in term time following new Government legislation – unless in exceptional circumstances)
  • support us in only allowing students to be absent for reasons that the College would authorise, e.g. illness, bereavement, emergency dental work etc and not allow students to stay home for reasons that the College would not authorise, e.g. shopping trip, hair appointment, birthday treat, agricultural shows
  • make all routine dental and medical appointments out of College hours or in the holidays.
  • if a period of absence is requested, contact the Headteacher in advance, stating the reason. County guidance states that this should only be agreed in exceptional circumstances. This request will be discussed with Governors, who reserve the right to remove the pupil from the school’s roll if they do not attend the College for more than two weeks
  • become aware of dates of all relevant external exams e.g. GCSEs, Module Tests and assessment weeks. Parents can obtain this information by contacting the College

Treviglas recognises the importance of good attendance in developing conscientious students with the ability to achieve their potential.

We monitor students’ attendance on a daily basis, both attendance at college and at individual lessons. We use a sophisticated electronic monitoring system to ensure students are in lessons and on time.

We have dedicated staff to support students with attendance issues and in fostering a strong relationship with students, parents and the local authority.

Evidence suggests that attendance below 95% can significantly affect and result in a drop in examination results. Please click here to see a table that demonstrates attendance linked to the number of day off over the course of a year

Strategies we use to improve attendance:

  • have a whole college approach to improving attendance
  • produce and scrutinise weekly monitoring sheet of those students below 90%
  • reward good attendance by individuals and groups of students through the house point system, letters home, assemblies and weekly competitions
  • tutor group prizes for best attendance
  • have calendared Attendance Weeks to raise the profile of attendance with students and parents
  • maintain regular contact with parents, especially when attendance falls below 95%.
  • ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities for attendance and follow the guidelines set out in the college’s attendance policy
  • punish students who are repeatedly late for sessions without good reason.
  • set up truancy sweeps
  • use the electronic registration system effectively to monitor attendance and internal truancy
  • state our policy on the college website
  • publish attendance figures to governors regularly