There has been a recent spate of children, particularly girls being incited to expose themselves over the web cam on to gain ‘bars’ & popularity.

The participants believe they have control of videos, in that they can decide IF and for how long, videos are available on the website. However there are any number of software packages which can record, edit and save ‘what is happening on the screen’ including video feeds.

A recent on-going case has shown that paedophiles are increasingly collecting sharing  and swapping ‘screen recordings’. Indecent ‘younow’ videos have featured particularly heavily.

If a presentation to children/parents is being considered, particular focus should be given to addressing the ‘online currency’ aspect. This ‘currency’ is worthless in the real world but enables users to ‘buy’ virtual gifts and possessing more ‘bars’ lifts the broadcaster in the list making them easier to find, effectively making the more popular.

Further information about this and other concerns is available from:


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