Thursday 19th April 2018

We were delighted to work together with parents and students at our REVISE -WISE Workshop held on Wednesday 18th April. As examinations and summer term assessments draw nearer, the students in year 10 and 11 and their families got together on some poetry revision to try out some different techniques introduced by teachers earlier in the session.

Teachers took the opportunity to remind the students just how important it is to ‘do’ when it comes to revising for exams. Statistics show that we remember just 20 % of what we read, but 80 % of what we do. With so much of the examination content needing to be memorised and study skills crucial to their success, the students were able to explore their own learning ‘triggers’ and think about what will work for them.

There’s so much out there for students to use to support their learning: interactive PIXL apps for maths, English and humanities; Mathswatch; Kerboodle for science to name just a few. If you want to know more about how students can access online learning resources, approach revision or purchase revision guides, please do contact us.

Many thanks to those of you who attended the session and worked so hard! We do hope that you have been able to take away some revision activity ideas. To help you get wise and revise, we have set up a Revise Wise web page which can be accessed by clicking the following link: Revise Wise revision guidance and resources

Mrs Maule, Mrs Drake, Mrs Penrose, Mrs Handford and Mrs Gilbert

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