RSC BACKSTAGE PASS 2017: Stratford Diaries: DAY THREE

Monday 23rd January 2017

Day three has seen a shift in focus away from the students’ production of The Tempest to the RSC’s main production. The students started their day by doing a workshop with one of the leaders from the RSC education team. In the workshop they explored the levels of power between the characters, using a range of games and activities. Having spent the past few days working hard in their departments, the students were given an hour of free time to explore Stratford.

After lunch, they watched the RSC’s impressive, technology rich performance of The Tempest in the RST – which they thoroughly enjoyed, with mouths wide open throughout most of the performance. The students had the delight of having some of the best seats in the house, right next to the stage, which made an already extraordinary experience even better. The show was followed by a Q and A with some of the actors, giving the students even more extraordinary access to the actors. After, they went to have a look at ‘Prospero’s cell’ (an imagining of Prospero’s home). Here they got to create a storm, as if they were Prospero, using sensor technology.

Finally, they visited “The Play’s the thing”, the RSC’s new interactive exhibition of Shakespeare productions through the years. The expedition displayed multiple magnificent pieces of costume, visuals and artwork. This helped the students gain a better understanding of how Shakespeare’s plays have changed from when they were first performed with very little set design, to the more recent performances with outstanding and artistically challenging sets, using a range of technology from lighting to motion sensors.

India commented, “It has been a great day! I felt so lucky to be sitting in front row seats. The performance was amazing and I hope that I get a chance to see it again!”

Francesca added, “Today has been truly amazing, with front row seats, watching an extraordinary version of the Tempest as well as having the opportunity to talk to the actors themselves – I feel extremely lucky and grateful!”

Tom said, “It was amazing to see the digital projections in action during the show today. I was really close to the stage in the front row. I loved watching Ariel wearing the suit that I had tried on. I also got to ask a question at the end about being the comic characters in the show. It was brilliant”

(Featured image: Fran, Tom and India under the watchful eye of Prospero.)

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