Treviglas sustainability group plans Newquay Zoo project

Wednesday 19th April 2017

As part of an ongoing partnership with Newquay Zoo, Treviglas’ sustainability group embarked on an exciting project this week, planning a wildlife refuge at the attraction.

The group will be involved in the construction of the site every Tuesday after college during the summer term. Newquay Zoo are going to use this area as an example to promote and support the conservation of native UK wildlife. The sustainability group will be taking part in workshops and have behind the scenes access to Newquay Zoo during the project. The new attraction will be open to the public in the summer holidays. Pippa Connolly, lead zoo keeper, hopes that the students will create an environment for others in the community to model.

The students share an interest in conservation and zoology. This project will not only give them the experience of team work, but allow them to experience life at Newquay Zoo. Pippa has already given each of them a special invite for their Year 10 work experience placement, if they wish to pursue a career in zoology or similar careers.

Sarah, one of the students involved, commented, “It was great to visit the zoo, see all the animals they have there, and to learn more about our project. I am really excited!”

Mr. Keith Lewis, geography teacher at the college and coordinator of the sustainability group, added, “For the students to explore their enthusiasm and interest in environmental and conservation issues, and to be able to do so with a real world application, is a rare and fantastic opportunity.”

This is an exciting opportunity for the college, and the students’ enthusiasm and interest in the project is undeniable. The support from Newquay Zoo has been fantastic, and the role they play in biomes around the world is exemplary. Why not pay the zoo a visit, and ask about the progress of the Treviglas project.

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