Year 7 Global Learning Zone Spring Independent Study Project

Monday 5th December 2016

Year 7 Global Learning Zone

 Spring Independent Study Project

Dear parent/carer,

The year 7 Spring Independent Study Project is titled iWorld, it is set by the faculties of Foreign Languages, business, and IT & computing faculties. In the project students have the opportunity to create a fact-file about themselves and their life. The project is based on a competition where students compete to win a visit to the International Space Station.

Students are required to create a time capsule which will be left for future generations to find out more about life today. As it is an international space station the fact-file needs to be in the foreign language they are studying (French or Spanish) as well as English.

Students should be as imaginative as they can and challenge themselves to develop their creative, language, ICT and business skills. This could include skills such as: drawing, taking photos or making films, graphic design, scratch as well as developing your presentation and communication skills.

Students will be given a booklet where they will find their brief broken down in to the different subject areas. Students only need to complete the Foreign Language tasks as by doing this they are automatically completing the other two faculty briefs.

A copy of the project booklet has been given to each student highlighting the tasks students should be completing on a fortnightly basis in order to be successful. It is suggested students spend a minimum of an hour a week to complete their project.

For students who might struggle with the open ended nature of the project a PowerPoint template is available for them to use on the college website.

The completed project will need to be given to their FL teacher by Friday 11th March 2017 and we look forward to receiving the projects.

Yours sincerely


The Foreign Languages, business, and IT & computing faculties.

iworld ISP template 2016-2017

Y7 ISP Brief 2016-2017







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