Young chefs attend Treviglas masterclass

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Treviglas recently hosted a catering masterclass for students in Years 5 and 6 in partner primary schools. The students learnt a variety of new skills including how to make shortcrust pastry, along with rolling and shaping it. Whilst making their apple tarts and cheese pasties, they also learnt skills of chopping, peeling, grating and baking. Cornwall SCITT DT trainee teachers planned and delivered the masterclass at Treviglas as part of their subject training.

Lead teacher, Mrs. Hannah Rendall said, ‘It was a joy to have such fantastic students showcase their skills in our Food & Nutrition Masterclass; the students have shown excellent pastry work’.

All the students participated very enthusiastically in the masterclass, with one students commenting, ‘I have learnt how to crimp the pastry and will explain how we did this back at my school’.

Another added, ‘Thank you for letting us come and cook with you. It was really fun, I enjoyed it’.

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