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Absence Matters

Being absent from school too regularly has a big impact on a young person’s opportunities and results. Treviglas Academy is working with students and families on boosting attendance so that every student can enjoy achieving their best. Excellent and improving attendance are recognised through rewards and incentives, each term and each year.

The government target for attendance is 97% and it is important that students aim to achieve this target. Therefore as parents, please ensure your child understands that you do not approve of them missing school and consider carefully that a holiday in term time of 5 days or more could incur a Fixed Penalty Notice.

We request that parents/guardians:

•work with us to ensure their child’s attendance is the best it can possibly be and attend meetings if and when needed

•ensure that their child arrives at school on time and positively encourage punctuality to all lessons as a life skill

•phone or text the school office before 9.15 am every day of absence, giving the reason for the absence and an indication of when the student will be returning to school. If unable to phone in school hours, an answer service will be available outside school hours

•contact the Tutor or Head of Year if the reason for absence is caused by something other than illness: e.g. worry about school work, friendship problems

•understand that Treviglas Academy has to decide whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised. (Please note that the school cannot now authorise holidays in term time following Government legislation)

•support us in only allowing students to be absent for reasons that the school would authorise, e.g. illness, bereavement, emergency dental work  and not allow students to stay home for reasons that that we would not authorise, e.g. shopping trip, hair appointment, birthday treat

•make all routine dental and medical appointments out of school hours or in the holidays as far as possible. Avoid whole day absences for Orthodontist appointments (which we realise are often scheduled during the school day)

Useful Information for reporting an absence

•Call 01637 872076 opt 1 then opt 1 to report any absence via the telephone


•Text schoolcomms on 01637 820021