Treviglas hosts primary indoor rowing festival.

Newquay Sports Partnership rowing festival took place at Treviglas Academy today, with thirteen teams of students in Years 5 and 6 entering from 8 primary schools from the Newquay area.

Sean Wells, Community Sports Coordinator for Treviglas, explained, ‘The festival gives the opportunity for the children to compete for the first time against other schools. Treviglas Academy has set up a hub for indoor rowing in the Newquay area. Once again, this year records were broken in every event, showing what great athletes we have in the Newquay area.’

Treviglas Sports Leaders helped with the festival and Josh, a Year 7 Sports Leader, said ,‘It was great fun; it was my first big festival leading and it was a great experience. I am looking forward to the next one.’

Ben, Gold Sports Leader who also helped run the festival, added ‘All of these teams were touch and go in the final minute but Trevisker won by only 9 meters after 11 ½ minutes rowing!’


Girls / Boys individual

The individual results were for rows over 2min

Boys: 1st Evan (St. Columb Major), 2nd Harrison (St. Columb Major),3rd Oli (St. Columb Major)

Girls: 1st Emma (Cubert), 2nd Megan (St. Columb Major), 3rd Neve (St. Columb Major)

Team competition

This is decided from the positions that the individuals in boys and girls come and points given out accordingly to the teams

This year the results were :

1st St Columb Major, 2nd St. Columb Minor, 3rd Newquay Junior Academy

Team relay

There was 13 teams entered for the team relay rowing, where a team of 8 each rowed for 1 minute. The results are:

1st Trevisker, 2nd St. Columb Major, 3rd Newquay Junior, 4th St Columb Minor